Wednesday, May 22

My Spirit

He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. John 7:38

When Christ has entered your world there is a river of life that flows out of the inside of you.  It is all that life is meant to be (full, healthy, joy-filled, strong, creative, grace-filled and prosperous).  It flows into your mind, your emotions, your body and out of you into the world around.

When we let stuff get onto our hearts:  sin, bad attitude and the general dirt of life – we find our spirit hindered.  Go through a daily debunking and keep your spirit unhindered and you’ll find LIFE constantly flowing around your world.

It’ll bring freedom to your soul and health to your body.

3 simple tips:

  1. Quickly forgive those who offend you, keep your attitude warm
  2. Quickly ask for forgiveness when you’ve messed up
  3. Be always thankful to God and keep His presence around your heart

Just because we’re alive, doesn’t mean we have ‘LIFE’. This river is the ‘SPIRIT OF LIFE’, the Holy Spirit. He makes living things come ALIVE.  Phil Pringle