Friday, June 21

Be Smart

Paul in Colossian 3 gives us some of the greatest and simplest advice when it comes to being smart in relationships. Look at this:

“Make allowance for each others’ faults … forgive the person who offends you … put on love.”

“Husbands love your wives … wives flow with your husband … children obey your parents … fathers don’t aggravate your children … employees serve your employer well … employer treat your staff fairly.”

Every moment of our day is filled with social interaction. If we don’t get good at this we won’t learn to turn the most important wheel of life.

Successful relationships of any kind require us to:

– Treat others as we would want to be treated
– Show respect to all
– Respond appropriately to situations you come across

Some advice: Respond thoughtfully rather than react emotionally to how a situation makes you feel. Don’t treat everyone the same but treat them according to who they are and how they are. Learn to read people.

Speak to people whenever possible; use email and sms to communicate facts not emotion; use social media for ‘light communication’ (no-one wants to hear your frustrations through this media); always use voice for difficult moments.