Wednesday, May 22

Remotivating your Ministry

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” John 10:11

There comes the challenge to us all at different moments – what are we ministering for?

Is it the people, or have we grown a little weary of this – has it now become the money, our identity, prestige, obligation, duty?

Clearly ministry is about love for your people. So firstly you have to have ‘your people’ – its much harder to love and keep the motivation right when its somebody elses’ people. Gather your own people, and continue to see them as yours.

The last thing you do is step out of your role. It is very rare that ever needs to be done. It is possible to refresh your ministry and motivation on the go.  In fact we need to learn to do this so we are regularly adjusting and repairing and not stopping and starting.

Jesus also remained highly motivated by His call to people. I am here to lay down my life for the sheep – John 10:10 to bring them freedom and full life. Keeping this as our motivation is pure and inspirational. We don’t minister simply to deliver a word, visit a sick person …. We bring life.

Know the father – knowing the Father stops the feeling your just doing a job. When you know the father you own what is His – His people, His ministry, His fruit.

Ownership is empowerment.

Know your enemy. The sheep are not the enemy. The deceiver, the false teacher, the hireling is the enemy – fight the right thing!

Vs 16 gives us the final key – Jesus constantly added other sheep to the fold. Adding new people to your care keep you focused on our primary purpose (to reach the lost and build the Church), it keeps new blood flowing into the circle of your care and influence – this actually increases the love for the fold as a whole.

Stay motivated Pastors, leaders, Church.