Wednesday, May 22

10 Traits of the Ambitious

Try this if you have any desire to be highly successful in your career or in your business. These characteristics apply whether employed or a business owner …

1. Entrepreneurs look beyond how things are to how they might be different
2. Entrepreneurs have powerful idiosyncratic visions (unique in characteristic)
3. Entrepreneurs make things happen – people of action not just visionaries
4. Entrepreneurs possess the trait of determination. ‘No’ is not an answer!
5. Entrepreneurs are ambitious – not to make money, but to change things
6. Entrepreneurs are charismatic – inspire and enlist extraordinary support
7. Entrepreneurs are positive – their optimism needs to be delightfully irrational
8. Entrepreneurs are often in a great hurry – they want things done yesterday!
9. Entrepreneurs are hard workers
10. Entrepreneurs choose to work in environments with high levels of uncertainty

Thanks to The Boardroom Entrepreneur by Southon & West