Wednesday, May 22

Life Change – DAY 2

And evening passed and morning came, MARKING the second day. Genesis 1:8

Just as a reminder – this is day 2 of a 6 day look at the life changing ‘MARKERS’ set down in Genesis 1 and what they can mean for us in creating landmarks in our own lives in 2013.

Then God said, “Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth.” Genesis 1:6

DAY 2 :  Before the separation of waters and creation of sky, there was no real perspective of what was up or what was down, what was around and what was above.  Perspective came to earth when this separation took place.  There was now earth and there was sky.  We are here at that is over there – ‘perspective’.

Taking a moment to get perspective on a situation creates a marker in your world.  Stop, reflect, what is really important right now?  Okay the world doesn’t spin around me, that missed sale opportunity is not going to be the end of me, that thing he said was just a moment of frustration.  Look back and see where you have come from.  You may think you have a long way to go but you have already come far too.

When perspective is taken life takes shape for you.  An internal switch is flicked and lights come on.

God is good, all things work out for those who love Him, everything is recoverable.  In Christ you are a winner!


Take time and take perspective today.