Friday, June 21

A Flippin’ Good Life!

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2

It is God’s desire that you prosper, in every area of your everyday life. In your marriage, with your children, in your work and finances, in your health and soul, in your friendships.  John in his older years sees with perspective about what is important in life – not the achievement of goals, ambitions or the accumulation of wealth only. But a holistic life that is on an upward journey.

A healthy and prospering life will always end up being fruitful, productive, and achieving of ambitions.  But put the focus the other way around and life becomes self-consuming.

There are 3 things that stand in the way of us seeing our lives prosperous or desiring this for others:

1. Doubts : if a doubt-filled emotion constantly rises when you dwell on or pray for an area of life to prosper then that is a mindset that can be pulled down.  Poverty thinking will put up a wall of doubt when thinking of prospering.  A rejected thinking will put a wall of doubt when thinking about God’s blessing on you or even God liking you.

2. Motivations : a motivation can be good or bad, present or absent.  If a motivation is absent when thinking about looking after your health, your soul, your family, this can be shifted – step back see whats important and you can put motivation into these areas.  If a wrong motivation exists then it can be switched for a right one.

3.  Attitudes: When thinking about a particular person does a negative attitude rise when you think of their well-being?  You can switch that attitude for a good one today, and let the desire for blessing them push through the negativity.

All the above can become strong holds that can stop us living in the very life God intended for us – a blessed life, prospering in all things, being in health and your soul doing very well.

Believing with you today to have faith, great motivation and a positive attitude.  I pray that you would prosper in all things and be in health as your soul does very well.