Friday, June 21

Pull Into The Garage!

Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the TEMPLE Ezekiel 47:1

Ezekiel talks about a river that is LIFE.  He speaks of the effect of the promise of the coming Holy Spirit.  Another prophet Joel also speaks of ‘a day’ when the Holy Spirit is poured out on ALL people.  Speaking of the historic transforming outpouring of the Spirit of God at Pentecost and what has become available now to all who believe.

You and I can all be filled with new life, new power, a river, fire, all the effects of an infilling and outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever tried running your car on empty?  Anxiety grows with every km we drive! The longer we keep going on empty the more the tension grows. The garage sits there on the side of the road not forcing itself on us but available for refuel – it becomes a life saver – Saves your car and your state of health!

None of us are built to run on empty healthily or indefinitely – our thirst is meant to be quenched by the Holy Spirit.  If we are not hungry we can MAKE OURSELVES hungry – its a humble and eager positioning of our spirit.

Furthermore, what an incredibly practical prophet Ezekiel is – he even tells us where the river is found … God tells him He causes it to flow out of the Church, the Temple.  We live in the days where the rain is falling, the river is flowing and the Spirit is being poured out to ensure we remain full and life transformed …

See you in Church!