Tuesday, May 21

The Journey Begins


An exert from my new book ‘The Journey Begins’.  I have written the book to help new Christians in their first and most significant steps in following Christ.  The centre pages are the Gospel of John in the easy to read New Living Translation.

“Welcome to ‘Your New Life’. In many ways calling it a ‘new life’ is strange because when you connect with God you actually discover the original purpose for which you were made. You have simply found yourself back on the route you were always meant to take.

In the city suburb I live in there are a large number of roundabouts positioned more as speed control obstructions than as roundabouts. For this reason most people go around the roundabout the most expedient way – usually clockwise. This has become custom and practice. For a new person in town this could be interpreted as the correct practice. However, hang around for a while and you notice occasions where cars would meet each other coming in the opposite direction. It becomes clear that some are taking shortcuts and all along the correct practice has actually been to go counter-clockwise.

Before discovering God there are custom and out they aren’t that good for us, we come face to face with a potential collision. When God is placed in the equation it may feel counter-culture but you realise you have actually entered a better, healthier and more wholesome way to live.”