Wednesday, May 22

The power of a child

You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you. Psalm 8:2

There is no doubt the power of a child that speaks of the strength of God.  The faith of a child as they declare and praise Jesus binds the forces of hell and releases the power of heaven.

We should never make God sound like a religious figure or the Bible a set of stories that sound like fantasy.

Children should be taught the realness of God, the ways of His grace and shown the demonstration of His power.  The natural believing element of a child will turn the Truth of the bible into power very easily. They are a force in overcoming the enemy.

Out of the lips of children will come true praise. Praise that has pure motive, that is not ‘too’ clever, that shows off God.

Children are not adults in waiting, they are champions in formation. If treated so they will grow up valued for who they are right now with a foundation for a strong future, but taking ground as children.

See you in Church kids!