Wednesday, May 22

Leading from your values

I have previously spoken about giving away jobs not tasks. This helps people share ownership rather simply feeling like they are helping out.

A leader, then, should not simply be running off a list of tasks (although I highly recommend using ‘to-do lists’.)

The reason doing this only is a mistake is you never will know whether as a leader you are doing the right tasks.

Therefore, determining your values is the only healthy way to determine your activities.

When you know what values are important to you and your area of responsibility then you know what tasks, jobs and decisions are of highest priority.  You will also find it easier making those decisions, as decisions will line up with values.

As a Church for example hospitality, discipleship, faith and the presence of God are all core values we have.  Knowing this helps us decide what we prioritise.

Ask yourself:
– what are the core values of your organisation?
– how can you make this practical in your team or connect group?