Friday, June 21

Great Leaders Empower Others. Choose to be Great.

And Heed the Mistakes of the Infamous Yertle the Turtle.

“If I could sit high, how much greater I’d be! What a king! I’d be ruler of all I could see!” thought Yertle the Turtle as he considered how to increase his leadership.

Leading King Yertle to have his subjects stack themselves into a new throne, increasing his view and with it, his dominion.

“‘Turtles! More turtles!’ he bellowed and brayed.

And the turtles ‘way down in the pond were afraid.

They trembled. They shook. But they came. They obeyed.”

How many of our supposed leaders have similar views of their position? How many managers and officials look to their position as a means of increasing their own status, instead of improving those that follow them?

Is this what leadership has become? Is this what we want it to mean?