Friday, June 21

What are people saying about you?

I heard someone say recently ‘A company is no longer what it tells it’s customers it is; a company is what customers tell other customers it is’

This is a challenging consideration for all of us who lead organizations, departments or teams. It is easy for us to determine what we want to be known for and simply tell the world.

However it is more nuanced to consider what might others say about us and how can we help influence that to be in line with the desires we have for our organization.

It requires me to ask myself :

Have I stopped to ask others for their opinion or observation about my company, team or even about my leadership?
Have I implemented common feedback threads into my leadership, organizational culture or behavior?

If we want our Church or business to grow, we can’t just communicate what we want to stand for. We must live and breath it in such a way everyone else is telling us what we stand for. That’s a sweet moment of synergy when what you see your future to be and what everyone else is talking about matches up.

We need to know what our team thinks, our customers think, our guests and our community. Let’s get into conversations that help our future.

The journey to thrive requires leaders that are robust. If you get offended at feedback or another person’s opinion then you aren’t yet ready. Become less offendable, become more curious, and embrace the reality as others see it as part of the shaping of your future.

This does not mean you necessarily have to change your vision, direction or values but it will mean adjusting behavior to be in line with your desired outcomes.

Thank you Jeff Henderson for the opening inspiration from your book : Know what you stand FOR – you can buy it Here.