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I’ve got a control issue!

Ever wondered why you like to be in control? You may not be a 'control freak' but if you don't have somewhat of a control issue then you are probably not fully human! We have an innate desire to control our environment, our lives, relationships and, well, pretty much everything! In turn we fall in the trap of things controlling us; our money, our performance, habits, desires and, well, pretty much anything! Yet, if we could resist the slightly freakish internal control demand for a moment we might discover some powerful tools that will break this control issue. In the words of Clay Scroggins in his book ‘How to Lead in a World of Distraction’ you need to ‘Turn down the noise long enough to be curious about what’s inside of you.’ As we turn down the distracting white noises ar
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A leader is born through vulnerability and courage

Reconciling vulnerability, leadership and courage It requires courage to be vulnerable.  A vulnerable leader is a strong leader, if he or she chooses courage. The age old debate is whether leaders are born or made.  Well, actually, it’s probably not much of a debate any more, I think it is pretty accepted that it is a mixture of both.  There is a certain personality mix that gives some people a head start on the leadership path.  However, the qualities, capacity and design of a leader are made, developed and forged.  Furthermore this would be by far the more significant factor to whether someone is a leader or not, well above personality, having the right start in life or any other inherent factor. In the process of being formed as a leader, it is my
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Try This 30-Day Process for a Happy and Productive 2018

Plus a free productivity worksheet Happy New Year! For a lot of us, a new year means a new start. Maybe you felt a little stuck in 2017, like your days weren’t adding up to the life you really wanted. I can relate. Not that many years ago, I was stuck too. I’d put two books on the New York Times bestsellers list, but the days of sitting down at a coffee shop and easily firing off words seemed long gone. Instead, I’d become a horrible procrastinator. The process of writing a book was taking years instead of months. And worse, writing had become a chore rather than a positive work habit. I thought the problem was with me. But as I researched procrastination, I realized the problem was in how I was structuring my day. It turns out, the brain works like a muscle, growing weary and
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5 ways to win friends and influence people

  There is no doubt that friendships are forged over food. But other than good food what else can we do to build bridges into people’s lives and forge good friendships? Here are my top 5 tips on building great connections: 1. GET ON THEIR PAGE! Talk to people about what they want to talk about not necessarily what you want to talk about. One of the best ways to strike a conversation is to figure out what interests other people and talk about it. If you want to catch fish, you can’t do that with cheese cake just because you think it tastes good. The hook has to have worms, which will attract fish. (How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie) I knew someone who loved planes, so I studied up on planes, giving me the ability to talk more intelligently about things h
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It is impossible to be able to lead others before we have learnt the art of leading ourselves. A leader must lead from a place of progress in personal victories. Whilst it is also true that our strength is in our ability to connect through our brokenness, this only remains true for as long as we are learning to live well in and through our brokenness. This is about personal leadership. You can only lead where you have gone yourself. Proverbs 25:28 NKJV Whoever has no rule over his own spirit Is like a city broken down, without walls. What does this require? A healthy self-awareness - It is essential we are aware of how we are being toward others.  The ability to take a helicopter view over your own life enables you to avoid pitfalls, see your weaknesses and pre-addres