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Personal Life


"Then I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the Lord; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God, for they shall return to Me with their whole heart." Jeremiah 24:7 We did not find Christ but He found and caught us. We surrendered, He transformed us. We became born all over again. He gave us a new heart.  That makes us a child of God - 'His people'. Yet Jeremiah tells us there is something we need to be sure to do - 'Return to me with their WHOLE HEART'. Whole heart is not a vague acknowledgment, a piece or a part, its not "have my spirit but not my soul", "have my intellect but not my possessions", "my words but not my heart" ... 'Whole heart' is everything. This is devotion.  Devotion literally means to adore, to worship, to revere. Devotion is what the human h
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What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. Hebrews 11:1 NLT Faith is confidence. When faith takes a hold of you you can't help but feel like all things are possible.  Our hopes are realised when we are utterly convinced it will come to pass.  This confidence will cause faith to take a grip in your spirit. Confidence is a natural partner of a faith-life. Dealing with the things that steal our confidence will prevent our walk of faith being jeopardised. 1. The nag of a guilty conscience because we haven't sought forgiveness for things we've done wrong steals confidence. 2. Failure to forgive ourselves for things we've done will steal our confidence. 3. If we haven't forgiven others for wrongs done to us our confidence is weakened. 4. Broke
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Today’s Encounter Tomorrow’s Result

After the Wise Men met Jesus they had a dream and went home a different way. Joseph and Mary went down to Egypt and not back to Nazareth. The shepherds became story tellers. You cannot meet Christ and stay the same. Behaviours, habits, motivations, lives change. That unresolved attitude gets fixed up. That hard heart gets softened. That depressed view of life gets brightened. What road are you taking into 2011? A generous road? A road of improved relationships? A brighter road of some sort. Don't simply do the logical do what is inspired when you have encountered God. Logically the Wise Men would have told Herod about where Jesus was - good news to tell a king!  Joseph and Mary would have gone back to Nazareth to celebrate with family and friends. But neither did the logical.  Their
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Today’s Behaviour Tomorrow’s Result

“I realized that for IBM to become a great company it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one”
 Tom Watson, Founder IBM There are 3 principles that are certain to help you get to your desired destination: 1. See that destination 2. Believe you can achieve that destination 3. Act now in ways that will best determine that outcome When you begin to adjust your behaviour now to look like your future you begin living it before it becomes reality. This will determine your reality. If you have ambitions to become a director in your company but never hang with senior staff and talk about the ‘them and us’ you will remain one of ‘us’. If you know how to bridge the junior and senior levels in your talk and behaviour you will become one of ’them’. One o
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Sensational thought from Ps Phil Pringle as we go into Christmas and as we think about the start of a new year ... birthing your purpose - read this: 'And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a son.' Luke 1:31 All of us, like Mary, are to conceive the purpose of God for ourselves through an encounter with God. When something is 'birthed' in us by the Holy Spirit, nothing can stop it coming to pass.  read more ...