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Staying authentic in a conflicted world
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Staying authentic in a conflicted world

Recent years have reshaped how we need to approach the world, our lives and ministry. I'm not just talking about the effects of the pandemic, but also shifts in sociological norms, the savage pressures of media on Churches and the shifting expectations from within ourselves. We need to navigate this well as our future success and well being will hinge on it. It has been my observation that there are some fundamentals we need to keep in shape in order for us to stay strong in the midst of these onslaughts. These observations, I trust, will help us live free of internal conflict or division, hence why I use the word 'authentic' to describe them. Authenticity in its purist sense is being the real deal. It is a behaviour that is integrated within oneself. A person who is w...
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A leader is born through vulnerability and courage

Reconciling vulnerability, leadership and courage It requires courage to be vulnerable.  A vulnerable leader is a strong leader, if he or she chooses courage. The age old debate is whether leaders are born or made.  Well, actually, it’s probably not much of a debate any more, I think it is pretty accepted that it is a mixture of both.  There is a certain personality mix that gives some people a head start on the leadership path.  However, the qualities, capacity and design of a leader are made, developed and forged.  Furthermore this would be by far the more significant factor to whether someone is a leader or not, well above personality, having the right start in life or any other inherent factor. In the process of being formed as a leader, it is my