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Heart & Hands – 2 of your greatest Business tools
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Heart & Hands – 2 of your greatest Business tools

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skilful hands he led them.” Psalms‬ ‭78:72‬  2 aspects to being a successful leader : 1. Heart Your integrity, your passion, your godliness, your internal world is a huge part of your leadership and business success. Compromise this and you compromise your business. Your motivation, or 'why', for your business is critical. I sometimes hear people say "I am working for myself because I couldn't work for anyone else". The truth is you will never be a success working for yourself until you have learnt the ability to work for someone else. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. What you learn building someone else's vision, being subject to someone else's timetable are essential lessons in being a great leader.
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A business owners help to Tithing

Over time different business owners have asked me how they should approach tithing as a business owner. Questions like "Do I tithe from my business?", "Do I tithe on profit or turnover?", "Do I tithe before major reinvestment or after?", "Do I tithe in a year I'm in debt?".  All such questions are very good ones. This blog is not just a compilation of my thoughts but a brief summary of the thoughts of other business owners and pastors I have talked this through with.  It is targeted largely at people for whom profit and turnover are 2 very different figures.  If you are a business owner working on your own, offering a service, based out of your home with little overheads then your fee income will be pretty much the same as your business profit, so simply tithing each month off what you
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10 Traits of the Ambitious

Try this if you have any desire to be highly successful in your career or in your business. These characteristics apply whether employed or a business owner ... 1. Entrepreneurs look beyond how things are to how they might be different 2. Entrepreneurs have powerful idiosyncratic visions (unique in characteristic) 3. Entrepreneurs make things happen - people of action not just visionaries 4. Entrepreneurs possess the trait of determination. 'No' is not an answer! 5. Entrepreneurs are ambitious - not to make money, but to change things 6. Entrepreneurs are charismatic - inspire and enlist extraordinary support 7. Entrepreneurs are positive - their optimism needs to be delightfully irrational 8. Entrepreneurs are often in a great hurry - they want things done yesterday! 9. Entrepreneurs ...