Friday, June 21

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Amsterdam Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam! You cannot move through this city and be silent or let dreams lie. Amsterdam you have a way of drawing out the voice and the dreams in your people. I love that! You cannot move through this city and get away with drab! Amsterdam you have a way of painting colour on every drab canvas. I love that! You cannot move through this city and not smile at what you see. Amsterdam you have a way of bringing out expressions of all human feeling, imagination and thought. I love that! You attract the nations, you influence the nations ... you are no doubt a city of cities. Your past achievements and your future promise is way bigger than the humble voice you give yourself. I love that! Amsterdam we love you ...
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I Love Amsterdam

A commentary on my city from a city centre cafe ... I love Amsterdam. But then not a difficult city to love. My city has culture, colour, art, archtecture, history. The people of my city are alive, fun, astute, authentic, inventive, tough, vibrant and creative. Amsterdam does everything with style and yet still it works! Rare to find function and form both working together at its best. Our people are open, direct, discoverers of the new. We never let an obstacle get us down, there is ALWAYS a way through. As we remember 9/11 and salute the heroic citizens of NY, their strength, tenacity to go on and rebuild I realise we aren't talking about NY per se, but human kind. As I keep my eyes open to the people around me I realise these are human qualities of endeavor, triumph and creative t...