Saturday, April 20

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Your 2016 is up the Mountain!

I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the lookout tower. I will watch to see what He will say to me  and what I should reply about my complaint. Habakkuk 2:1   Ever had a complaint?  or been dissatisfied with your current situation? If you have any vision at all there will be regular moments of being challenged by current dissatisfaction. Habakkuk’s complaint would be the oppression of the ruling nation, Babylon. But he goes to God with it. What do we do with our complaint?  Do we target other people, do we shift the responsibility elsewhere? “The company just doesn’t value me, I should be paid a lot more than this" - so we moan to our colleagues. “The Church doesn’t do such and such, don’t they understand …”  so we complain to those around us. “My wife never …”  
Personal Life

Today’s Encounter Tomorrow’s Result

After the Wise Men met Jesus they had a dream and went home a different way. Joseph and Mary went down to Egypt and not back to Nazareth. The shepherds became story tellers. You cannot meet Christ and stay the same. Behaviours, habits, motivations, lives change. That unresolved attitude gets fixed up. That hard heart gets softened. That depressed view of life gets brightened. What road are you taking into 2011? A generous road? A road of improved relationships? A brighter road of some sort. Don't simply do the logical do what is inspired when you have encountered God. Logically the Wise Men would have told Herod about where Jesus was - good news to tell a king!  Joseph and Mary would have gone back to Nazareth to celebrate with family and friends. But neither did the logical.  Their