Friday, July 19

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“To delegate or not to delegate?” that is the question!

Today I want to give some key note input to this important topic - delegation.  These notes will help both those doing the delegation and those being delegated to.  It also applies to when delegating to a team, not just to an individual. WHAT IS DELEGATION? synonyms for delegation: assignment, entrusting, giving, committal, devolution, deputation,  key concepts in delegation:  'Mission':  delegation is purposeful, it is definable.  'Entrusting': delegation is the giving away of work tasks, projects or assignments with a trust that it will be completed to a certain standard.  'Deputation':  the one who is delegated to is acting on behalf of another. WHY DELEGATION IS IMPORTANT Delegation makes the best use of your skills and time, whilst, at the same time it empowers & s
Personal Life


Jesus is the great coach, builder and architect of our lives.  Where religion seeks to oppress and steal true freedom, Jesus seeks to bring life, nurture life and empower your future. Jesus BELIEVES in you - He IS a Believer! A few thoughts on how Jesus acts as your great coach: HE COMES ALONGSIDE When 2 disciples were walking home to Emmaus troubled about their life and their future Jesus came alongside them and began to make some things clear – the Bible says "their hearts burned within them".  That is they felt strength, excitement and truth. When the disciples had been fishing all night – Jesus came alongside When they were in a storm – Jesus came alongside When the woman was caught in adultery – Jesus came alongside He still comes alongside us today, by His Holy Spir
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Strength by Joy

"The joy of the Lord is my strength" Nehemiah 8:10 When your lacking strength what you need more than anything else is a revival of joy. Joy releases endorphins within the brain, along with dopamine another brain chemical that can boost your mood. It revives the soul as well as the body. Joy will empower you, conquor your fears, put light into your dark thoughts and step you into a renewed place. You will perform better at work when you are getting happy about being at work. You will have a better marriage when you rejoice over your family. You will perform better in almost anything you do. Enjoy - 'in-joy' step into joy - its a choice. Get around others who have joy. Rejoice - renew your joy through positive expression. 'Joy of the Lord' - Joy is found in the Lord. Get with Him and l...