Friday, July 19

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The Script for your Future

Apparently many actors have signed up to Steven Spielberg’s movies without reading the script first.  A couple exceptions would be John Hunt and Ray Winstone – in these cases it is reported that a suited man was flown over to them, handed them the script and upon completing the reading the suited man flew back with the script.  Actors sign up because Spielberg is the genius of the cinema world. Most of us sign our lives over to God because He is God before we have read much of the script … its called trust – you CAN trust Him.  But once you have placed your life in His hands to then try & live out the scenes of your life without reading the script over & over would be like an actor saying now that I am signed up I still don’t need the script – the spirit of Spielberg lives in me
Personal Life

Today’s Behaviour Tomorrows Result

“I realized that for IBM to become a great company it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one”
 Tom Watson, Founder IBM There are 3 principles that are certain to help you get to your desired destination: 1. See that destination 2. Believe you can achieve that destination 3. Act now in ways that will best determine that outcome When you begin to adjust your behaviour now to look like your future you begin living it before it becomes reality. This will determine your reality. If you have ambitions to become a director in your company but never hang with senior staff and talk about the ‘them and us’ you will remain one of ‘us’. If you know how to bridge the junior and senior levels in your talk and behaviour you will become one of ’them’. One of ‘them