Saturday, April 20

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10-Day Financial Exercise

Here is a post I first put up nearly 2 years ago, but is a helpful reminder for us all regularly. I am committed to helping you become or stay financially healthy.  Stewarding our financial world well helps us bring honour to God, the one who has blessed us with all that we have. Here is a 10-Day bible study exercise by Erica Pyle of 'Prosper Project' (member of C3 Church Manhatten) that will help you have a healthy perspective on finances. I highly recommend it. Introduction Day 1: The Provider Day 2: Purpose Day 3: Vision Day 4: Giving Day 5: Debt Day 6: Budgeting & Planning Day 7: Saving & Investing Day 8: Agreement Day 9: Speak Day 10: See
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A Cure for Frustration …

We all hit moments of frustration. There are times we're frustrated, or feel an inner tension and we may not even know why. I suggest there are 3 things we need to keep in balance to ensure frustration is kept to a minimum. Planning - this is the organisation of your immediate world.  The ability to plan your work, your day, your home.  To plan fills your world with some sense of productivity and purpose.  To plan ensures the ability to achieve and not overload or underload. Execution - to compensate planning, action is imperative.  Without action planning is a waste of time. Ultimately fruit of your labour is necessary for satisfaction.  Action is necessary for credibility, which prevents the frustration of others not recognising your potential. Inspiration - I throw this in a