Saturday, April 20

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Is there a better way to manage my time?

Last time we spoke about value led leadership. We looked at how knowing our values helps us determine our priorities and make decisions.  It helps us decide to do the right things not just the urgent things. It also helps us know how to prioritise our time. In leadership deciding what we must not do is as important as deciding what we should do.  We need to have a ‘to don’t list’ as well as a ‘to do list’. What does your ‘to don’t list’ have on it? - things that are not building the core purpose of your team or connect group - things that someone else could be doing and find engaging 1. Ask yourself what things can I stop doing today? 2. What things could someone else be doing instead?
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Juggle Well

Let me help you for a moment reduce stress and keep your life on track, by successfully juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Today it's not a question of whether you can multi-task or not - we all have to multi-task if we are going to do life well. The skill of multi-tasking is not so much about doing 2 or 3 things at the same time but more about carrying multiple responsibilities at the same time and handling it well. 4 simple guidelines: 1.  Make lists:  when an action or an idea comes to mind or is agreed upon then put it in a list.  There are apps and software available for this that will even remind you when it needs to be done (alternatively put a reminder note in your agenda) 2. Do it now:  where possible do it now.  An simple email pops in, reply now.  Reading