Monday, January 24

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Life Change – DAY 3

And evening passed and morning came, MARKING the third day. Genesis 1:13 Just as a reminder - this is day 3 of a 6 day look at the life changing 'MARKERS' set down in Genesis 1 and what they can mean for us in creating landmarks in our own lives in 2013. The land produced vegetation—all sorts of seed-bearing plants, and trees with seed-bearing fruit. Genesis 1:12 DAY 3 :  On the third day God set the scene for fruitfulness.  He created land and plants that were seed-bearing, ie. the ability to be fruitful perpetually. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling unfruitful.  You work hard and see nothing for it.  It is important we give our attention where we will be most successful.  Fruitfulness comes from concentrating on your gift, connecting to the right people, regular adjust
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10 Traits of the Ambitious

Try this if you have any desire to be highly successful in your career or in your business. These characteristics apply whether employed or a business owner ... 1. Entrepreneurs look beyond how things are to how they might be different 2. Entrepreneurs have powerful idiosyncratic visions (unique in characteristic) 3. Entrepreneurs make things happen - people of action not just visionaries 4. Entrepreneurs possess the trait of determination. 'No' is not an answer! 5. Entrepreneurs are ambitious - not to make money, but to change things 6. Entrepreneurs are charismatic - inspire and enlist extraordinary support 7. Entrepreneurs are positive - their optimism needs to be delightfully irrational 8. Entrepreneurs are often in a great hurry - they want things done yesterday! 9. Entrepreneurs ...
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A Cure for Frustration …

We all hit moments of frustration. There are times we're frustrated, or feel an inner tension and we may not even know why. I suggest there are 3 things we need to keep in balance to ensure frustration is kept to a minimum. Planning - this is the organisation of your immediate world.  The ability to plan your work, your day, your home.  To plan fills your world with some sense of productivity and purpose.  To plan ensures the ability to achieve and not overload or underload. Execution - to compensate planning, action is imperative.  Without action planning is a waste of time. Ultimately fruit of your labour is necessary for satisfaction.  Action is necessary for credibility, which prevents the frustration of others not recognising your potential. Inspiration - I throw this in a
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A Fish in the Hand is worth 2 in the Sea

Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish which you have just caught.” John 21:10 They had been fishing all night and caught nothing until Jesus came along. His Word into their situation caused huge fruitfulness. They made a large catch that morning as they threw the net over the other side of the boat following His word. As they came to shore Jesus asked them to join him for breakfast. He already had fish on the fire. Yet he says to them “BRING some of the fish which you have just caught." He doesn't need the fish. He wants to celebrate with their success. 'Come on show us what you've done.' We need to celebrate our successes, enjoy our discoveries, thank God that every blessing is our in Christ. Shrinking from the glory of what God has done in our lives is to steal glory from Him.
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We will either find a way or make one. Hannibal Ingenuity is the creative force that drives new directions, new approaches, different markets, new work style. It is important we find our creative space on a regular basis.  What works for you? Ingenuity thrives in space and under pressure.  You can create space.  I would not recommend you create unnecessary pressure – obstacles, resistance and setbacks generally come all by themselves!  When they come go to the “I will either find a way or make one” attitude. There is always a way through.  There is always another approach.  Possibilities can always be created.  Say to yourself “I am a creator”. Make sure you also make space for creative thinking.  Put time aside to unlock your thinking and think ‘beyond’. If necessary go to a spec