Tuesday, May 21

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Leading from your values

I have previously spoken about giving away jobs not tasks. This helps people share ownership rather simply feeling like they are helping out. A leader, then, should not simply be running off a list of tasks (although I highly recommend using ‘to-do lists’.) The reason doing this only is a mistake is you never will know whether as a leader you are doing the right tasks. Therefore, determining your values is the only healthy way to determine your activities. When you know what values are important to you and your area of responsibility then you know what tasks, jobs and decisions are of highest priority.  You will also find it easier making those decisions, as decisions will line up with values. As a Church for example hospitality, discipleship, faith and the presence of God are all cor
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Reassessing my values to have a valuable 2012 …

Give your attention completely to these matters. 1 Timothy 4:15 What we give our attention to will carry the greatest value and reap the greatest rewards. Without the right attention we can never expect our relationships to do so well. This is what attention gives: TIME – what you do is not always as important as simply the giving of time. Being together says what I could be doing is less important than you. WORDS – talk together in ways that enrich each other’s world. Know when to talk and when to listen. Guys you can talk – try it! ACTIVITY – do together what works together. Eat together, play together, go to Church together. Embrace activity, not as something that adds to your ‘busy’ life but as something that enhances your world together. How could you give your at
Work Life

Goal setting

10 goal setting tips to focus on today from Human Resources expert, Susan M. Heathfield: 1. Own the goal you are working towards – it’s your goal 2. Base your goals firmly in your values 3. Believe you can accomplish the goal 4. Paint a vivid picture of what the outcome is to look like 5. Write your goals down 6. Share your goals with people who are important to you and you trust 7. Check goal setting and achievement progress regularly 8. Take action to identify and eliminate obstacles to goal setting success 9. Reward yourself and celebrate goal accomplishment 10. Be prepared to change the goals if circumstances have changed