Monday, June 17

Juggle Well

Let me help you for a moment reduce stress and keep your life on track, by successfully juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Today it’s not a question of whether you can multi-task or not – we all have to multi-task if we are going to do life well.

The skill of multi-tasking is not so much about doing 2 or 3 things at the same time but more about carrying multiple responsibilities at the same time and handling it well.

4 simple guidelines:

1.  Make lists:  when an action or an idea comes to mind or is agreed upon then put it in a list.  There are apps and software available for this that will even remind you when it needs to be done (alternatively put a reminder note in your agenda)

2. Do it now:  where possible do it now.  An simple email pops in, reply now.  Reading it, making a note to action it, coming back to it and then replying takes a lot longer and consumes brain space.  Where you can make decisions there and then in the meeting, on the phone and when it happens.  This again prevents making a note, coming back to it, thinking it through later and then communicating a decision.

3. Block time: book out blocks of time for certain activities.  This will help important tasks get done. This doesn’t mean you are inflexible. These times can always be moved or over-ridden. However, by blocking time you ensure important responsibilities are given space.  Do your emails and calls ‘on the run’, this also frees important space during the day.

4. Processes: create a process to handle all your re-occurring tasks or actions.  This reduces thinking time and sheds another weight.  Let the process do the work, however simple.

Sleep well at night!