Wednesday, May 22

Reassessing my values to have a valuable 2012 …

Give your attention completely to these matters. 1 Timothy 4:15

What we give our attention to will carry the greatest value and reap the greatest rewards.

Without the right attention we can never expect our relationships to do so well.

This is what attention gives:

TIME – what you do is not always as important as simply the giving of time. Being together says what I could be doing is less important than you.

WORDS – talk together in ways that enrich each other’s world. Know when to talk and when to listen. Guys you can talk – try it!

ACTIVITY – do together what works together. Eat together, play together, go to Church together. Embrace activity, not as something that adds to your ‘busy’ life but as something that enhances your world together.

How could you give your attention to your husband, wife, children or significant others today?

See you in Church