Friday, June 21

A Cure for Frustration …

We all hit moments of frustration. There are times we’re frustrated, or feel an inner tension and we may not even know why.

I suggest there are 3 things we need to keep in balance to ensure frustration is kept to a minimum.

Planning – this is the organisation of your immediate world.  The ability to plan your work, your day, your home.  To plan fills your world with some sense of productivity and purpose.  To plan ensures the ability to achieve and not overload or underload.

Execution – to compensate planning, action is imperative.  Without action planning is a waste of time. Ultimately fruit of your labour is necessary for satisfaction.  Action is necessary for credibility, which prevents the frustration of others not recognising your potential.

Inspiration – I throw this in as more than just an after thought.  Routine is incredibly vital to your success, the routine of making a plan and seeing it through.  However, all of us need to be inspired, re-inspired and envisioned.  Ensure you take a moment to re-look at why you made the plan to start with, to re-inspire the course you’re on.  Usually a change of course is unnecessary but rather to refresh, re-energise and re-inspire the course you are on can bring a huge shift in your world.

If one of these is absent in your world you will more than likely be frustrated.  You will naturally lean toward one or two of these but all are important to a sense of fulfillment.  Praying for your success today.