Wednesday, May 22

Invisible Walls part2

We saw in my last blog Invisible Walls part1, that Jesus has broken down walls that get in the way of meaningful relationships – with Him and with each other.

Here are a few more thoughts on how to make life flow better with others:

– Make communication regular and responsive.  Communication should flow 2-way. If it is all one-sided the one-side will start to slow down and the relationship breaks down.  When both parties take the initiative its much healthier.  In a working relationship that could be a situation where I sms some information to you and you simply reply to say “thanks I got it”, I may not have the answer to your sms but I respond anyway “I’m not sure yet whether I am free, I’ll come back to you soon.”  When communication is 2-way it flows.  It reduces the guess work and brings light into the process.

– We talk about the things that are awkward in a relationship.  Where something is blocking progress in a relationship sit down and talk about it.  No-one really likes confrontation, but without working things through we never grow.  Walls grow instead.  The golden rule : if its something I simply need to forgive and get over then I do this privately.  If its something that is consistently blocking progress in the relationship then talk about it with that person.

– Build that relationship on value not just on purpose.  Relationships are strongest when they are going somewhere together.  That is we work toward a common cause together.  However, we need to also build the relationship in a way that says I value you for who you are not just for what you do.  That is I call to say hi, not just to talk business.  This requires learning the art of ‘small talk’.  Not easy for some, too easy for others!  When we show interest in a person as much as the purpose we pull down a wall and build a future.

Hey, see you in Church!