Wednesday, April 17

The Reason for the Season


A man is drowning under the weight of a sunken ship, in order for him to be freed a lifeguard dives for him. At the bottom he realises there is only enough oxygen for one to get back to the surface, breathing very moderately from the cylinder.

One of them would not survive. The lifeguard didn’t deserve to but it was his job to rescue. He freed the man, gave him his oxygen, and a new life, at the expense of his own life.

Every human being since Adam and Eve have been born with the natural tendency, consciously or unconsciously, to live life without letting God in. This rejection of God, the Bible calls sin. Sin stops us from living as we were designed to live, free of guilt, in relationship with God and with a healthy reflection of ourselves and our future.

God devised a rescue mission for mankind who was drowning under the weight of its sin. He sent Jesus, His Son.

It is through Jesus Christ that we can now have an unbroken relationship with our Father in heaven.

If you have never received Christ before why don’t you pray this prayer today:

Dear God, I thank you that you sent Jesus Christ into this world for me. Jesus I ask you to forgive me for the things that separate me from you. Fill me with your Spirit and power to live my life following you.

I thank you that today I can know that I have a brand new life and am going to heaven.


Exert from The Journey Begins  www.The-JourneyBegins