Wednesday, May 22

Be kind to those you lead!

He shall abide before God forever.
Oh, prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him! Psalm 61:7

The New Testament writers would join in with David with one voice declaring the virtues of grace and truth.  Without truth there is no need for grace, without grace, Truth has no soil in which to grow.

David treated it as a huge honour to receive mercy and truth.  He knew the power of both.  Truth is God’s unrelenting absolutes wrapped in the most incredible person, Jesus.  Which is why Truth does not feel like a rod or a law but strength and power, revelation and insight.

David also knew mercy and truth as a sign of promotion. If you are promoted to a point where you have a choice as to whether to show mercy and truth or not to those you lead then that’s an honour.

Rather than getting frustrated that people in your team, department or care are not doing what they need to, or meeting certain expectations, treat it as a moment of privilege that you are in such a position to show mercy.

That doesn’t mean we don’t coach, feedback, help shape, but mercy needs to undergird our actions. Every person is a gem from God, and have huge potential.  This potential is realise in an atmosphere of mercy.

In all our guidance, coaching, discipleship and development lets remember mercy and truth.

See you in Church.