Wednesday, May 22

How can I create ownership in my team?

People sometimes ask me the question “how do I create ownership amongst people in my team or Connect group?”  Like any question there is never one single answer, but rather a network of things we can do.

But let me focus on one thing : “Don’t just give away tasks, give away jobs”

If in your team you have a task called ‘buying a bowl of apples for the information desk’ – you can give that as a task to someone.  This means it goes on a rosta and when it is my turn on the rosta I go and buy the apples.  I don’t necessarily own it, or own the purpose of the team, I simply help out by buying the apples.

Whilst this is a good entry point for helping people begin to serve, what is much better for ownership is to give this as a job to one person.

Now a person in the team has a job, it’s their job, they have a responsibility and they own it.  They decide what apples, what bowl, and who is going to help them.  They are in charge.

Ownership comes from being given a job not just a task.

– What task can you give to someone as a job today?