Monday, June 17

3 Times My Leader Frustrated Me To Help Me (A Millennial’s Insights)

By Kevin Jennings, Founder and CEO, Junction 32

Kevin Jennings has done marketing and platform development with Orange, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Dave Ramsey and many more. Kevin has also worked with me to help me launch much of what you read and experience—some of my books, my podcast and more. I’m thrilled to have him share some insights on my blog today.  – Carey Nieuwhof

It was five years ago when I first acknowledged to myself, “I am a leader.”

At the time, I was 28 years old and up to that point, most of my professional accolades were attributed to my success as a practitioner (in my case, a marketer). I had not yet had any direct reports, but I had successfully led a few project teams.

Still, I had never thought of myself as a leader even though, looking back, I was clearly in positions of leadership. Since then, I’ve had direct reports and led larger teams. I’ve also become much more intentional about cultivating my skills as a leader. However, I’ve still been in positions where I’ve been led.

Now, I’ve been blessed to serve under some fantastic leaders, Carey Nieuwhof being one of them. However, being led while acknowledging I’m an emerging leader hasn’t been easy for me.

Multiple times I’ve found myself frustrated with my leaders.  Click here to read on.