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Raised to Life Kolossenzen 2:11-23

Deze 2de boodschap van Kolossenzen 2 komt van een ongelofelijke passage uit de Bijbel. “God heeft je levend gemaakt met Christus”, “Hij heeft het document met aanklachten tegen ons uitgewist”, “Dus laat niemand je veroordelen”, Dus waarom blijf je de regels van de wereld volgen”, “Want je bent begraven met Christus toen je werd gedoopt.” Vandaag werpen we alles van ons af dat ons tegen houdt, we begrijpen onze vrijheid en de vrijheid van het evangelie. En we vieren dit alles in de doop. Dus als je nog niet bent gedoopt in water, aarzel dan niet langer en heb het erover met de connectgroep leider of stuur een email naar   Podcast    Connect Notes Week 12 (NL)   Connect Notes Week 12 (ENG)
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Thrive : Connect. Grow. Serve. Disciple

It would be the desire of every one of us to thrive in life. It would be the desire if any pastor to see the members if their church thriving. To thrive is to do life well. Not that life is well all of the time, but that our navigation of life is done well. So therefore, it is possible to thrive in adversity as much as in times of ease. As a community of believers there are 4 active things we can do to help us thrive in church life. 1. CONNECT. To connect is to engage.  To engage is to plug into that which has life, health and future in it.  Connecting with God and His Word through connecting with Church and His people is Godly vitality to us.  To connect to a weekend service every week, to engage in a connect group and church community of youth, young adults, a community of me
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Baptism from The Journey Begins

Exert from my book - 'The Journey Begins' - a chapter on baptism.  It has been a joy seeing so many new Christians helped by it.  If you have a story of how it has helped you please let me know. If you want to take a look at the English or the Dutch version click here.  Or if you would like more info contact me here. Then Jesus and his disciples left Jerusalem and went into the Judean countryside. Jesus spent some time with them there, baptizing people. John 3:22 I was watching a father walking into the hairdressers a few days ago with a strident walk. A young boy followed, he had exactly the same walk, in miniature form. It didn’t take a moment of genius to deduce that he was the son! There’s something about family traits. The glance of an eye, turn of phrase, a walk or some ot