Wednesday, May 12

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Personal Life


When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Now go out WHERE IT IS DEEPER, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”  Luke 5:4  Jesus is the master at leading us to places that require us to step out.  But He does it for good reasons, He is looking for us to make a huge catch.  We limit our possibilities by staying within the zone we are familiar with. Its when we live an 'all in' sort of life in God, taking those fearsome steps that we find ourselves highly fruitful. Here are 8 characteristics of those living an 'all in' sort of life: #ALLIN people follow the EXAMPLE of Jesus Jesus was Himself a #ALLIN person, fully surrendered to His Father.  He even got baptised when He of all people never really needed to - so much was He wanted to demonstrate He was 'all in'.  He ra
Family Life

5 Things Kids (and others) Need

When thinking about what I could give a 20 year old looking for a spiritual father figure 5 things very quickly came to mind. They aptly relate to family life (no surprise) and are what I would consider the highest needs of your natural kids but also those you are discipling (who might be 10 or more years younger than you). 1. HUGS Physical touch is highly reassuring & provides security. It can be awkward for some dads when your child comes to a certain age. Maybe because you were never hugged… but do it and you find it reciprocated ie. kids need it, kids love it. It has been shown that hugs nurture trust and safety, positive self-esteem, they boost serotonin levels (the happiness factor), oxytocin levels (healing feelings of isolation) and the immune system. Virginia Satir