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I’ve got a control issue!

Ever wondered why you like to be in control? You may not be a 'control freak' but if you don't have somewhat of a control issue then you are probably not fully human! We have an innate desire to control our environment, our lives, relationships and, well, pretty much everything! In turn we fall in the trap of things controlling us; our money, our performance, habits, desires and, well, pretty much anything! Yet, if we could resist the slightly freakish internal control demand for a moment we might discover some powerful tools that will break this control issue. In the words of Clay Scroggins in his book ‘How to Lead in a World of Distraction’ you need to ‘Turn down the noise long enough to be curious about what’s inside of you.’ As we turn down the distracting white noises ar
Personal Life

Making a decision doesn’t have to be a lottery!

COMMIT YOUR WAY to the Lord, TRUST also in Him, And HE shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5 1. How do we make decisions at the crossroads? COMMIT BEFORE YOU CHOOSE Make a decision before the decision that you are trusting God above anything else. Commit it into His hands. Sometimes its easier to make certain 'value-based' decisions before the pressure of that situation arises.  For example we decided to buy our first house on one income so we had the freedom to not make a financially-based decision about our lifestyle and work pattern when children came along. - At the crossroads ASK Does it fit in my value system? Does it compromise my beliefs? Will it have positive long term benefits …? - Know what BIBLE says about the sort of marriage partner to choose, attitudes in the workpla